ED 654: First Post!

About Me

Here I am in Ecuador, with the most wonderfully gaudy sweater I could find at the local market. I suppose this picture sums me up, well part of me at least, pretty well. I love to travel and to explore wild places. I have pretty terrible taste in clothing, but I’ve reached an age at which I don’t care so much anymore.

I have lived on three continents, four countries, and eight states. My mother thinks I should pick a place and stay, but something keeps pulling me onward. I had a moment recently, when I realized that at my age, 34, I am very likely nearing the halfway point of my life. That thought is terrifying because there is so much living I have yet to do. There are so many places/animals/interesting people to see, so many foods/adventures/books to consume. I know I can do or see it all, but I want to give it a good try while I have the mobility and energy to keep moving.

I love poetry, cooking, yoga, travel, books (to read, hold, and smell), science, nature, hiking, art, and much more. I may touch on some of these things in the near-ish future, but for now I will leave it at that.

My Online Self

Here are some public places I can be found online:

  • Twitter: carolyn_stice
  • Slack:  carolyn_stice
  • Diigo: crstice
  • Aurasma: crosestice

My private presence isn’t so easily measured. I am a reader of news articles and click-bait, a taker of polls, and a viewer of cat pictures, etc. I am a researcher and a traveler. I suppose some tension exists between my role as a voyeur versus my role as a seeker of knowledge, and although I’m sure someone is storing a record of all my web-traffic, I do not, personally, know quite how to measure it.

Two lists

My Summer Goals

  1. Organize my house, room by room.
  2. Do a great “stuff”purge.
  3. Read one poetry collection a week.
  4. Write every day, preferably creatively.
  5. Teach my kids to ride their bikes.
  6. Clean out my freezer.
  7. Start my own business.
  8. Finish my vegetable garden.
  9. Xeroscape my yard.
  10. Go on two hikes a week, of at least 4 miles per hike.

Things I’d Like to Learn

  1. To play an instrument.
  2. To use power tools well.
  3. To sew really well.
  4. To identify all of the medicinal herbs in my area and use said herbs.
  5. To do crow pose in yoga.
  6. To make a really good croissant.
  7. To speak French, German, Portuguese, and Japanese.
  8. To do a cartwheel.
  9. To work with clay.
  10. To identify all the birds in my area.

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