Video Production

The Assignment

For this assignment I was asked to create three linked videos that were related and contained common elements. In the past, I have used YouTube capture, but as that app is not available for Andriod devices, IĀ used my Samsung tablet and an app called Videoshop to complete this assignment.

Videoshop took a bit of time to learn, but once I figured it out I started to like it. With this app I was able to film and edit. I was also able to upload the files directly to YouTube. Videoshop has a lot of nice features. You can cut, trim, and split clips. You can string clips together. You can overlay sound, zoom in or out of clips, resize them, add transitions, and overlap various themes or filters.

My three videos are all focused on packing for a long-distance walking trip I will take this month with my husband. In the first video I introduce the topic and describe the backpack I am using. In the second I show and explain the things I am bringing, and in the third I show how I have used ultra light packing cubes to fit everything neatly into my bag.

For my edits I concentrated on streamlining the flow of my speech. I tried to eliminate speech fillers like, “um” or other awkwardness. I also tried to cut out jumpy clips. Because I do not have a lot of experience with video production, these are not as polished as I might like. My final product were hindered by both my lack of experience and my learning curve with the software.

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