Final Project: Online Book

For the final assignment for this class I decided to make a children’s picture book. Because I do not use an Apple computer, my options for online publishing were somewhat limited. I was unable to find a free program that would allow me to incorporate video and audio with the book itself.

I chose to use the program Storybird. This program allows users to create books using artwork from a variety of artists. Users can make a chapter book, picture book, or poem. The artist whose work I chose lives in Seattle, WA, and they had over 150 pictures available for use.

Storybird is free, but gives users the opportunity to share, download, or print their books. The latter two cost money. I’m not sure how it works exactly, but I think the artists are compensated when you choose one of the paying options.

I don’t think this program would be useful to me at the college level, but it would be great for K-12 teachers.

Here is a screencast of me reading the book:

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  1. This is such a great idea! I can actually see this application across multiple grade levels. You could have students go more in detail at high levels. And it would be awesome for ELL students!

    Thanks for sharing!

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