ED 659: Screencasts

For this assignment I was asked to create three related screencasts that can be used to teach someone about a technological concept. I chose to create a series of screencasts to help familiarize my students with Google Drive.

The program I used for this assignment is Screen-cast-o-matic, and I highly recommend it. The free version allows you to record up to ten minutes at a time. You can record just the screen with audio or the screen, audio, and a video of yourself talking. I generally go for the first option since seeing myself on the screen while I am trying to talk can be very distracting. The screencasts can then be uploaded to YouTube, which makes them very easy to embed into websites or LMS.

Because the University of Alaska email is hosted with the Google system, every student has access to all of the free Google tools, including Google Drive. I tend to use Google Drive a lot for file sharing, storage, and document creation. I love the fact that Google Drive is a cloud storage system that can be accessed from anywhere I can open my email. I also love the fact that documents automatically save every few seconds, so your information is never lost.

Although I am fan of Google Drive, a lot of my students are not familiar with it. I have created these screencasts with the hope of helping my students gain more comfort with the program so that they can use it to draft and submit assignments for my class. Using Google Drive will help to eliminate issues like broken laptops and deleted files.

One of the things I also really like about Google Drive is the ease with which it can be integrated into the various LMS I use to teach. For my UAF classes I generally prefer to use Canvas, and Google Drive integrates beautifully. Once the two programs have been integrated, students can upload assignments directly from Google Drive into Canvas. Students can also use Google Docs to create collaborative documents for group work directly from Canvas.

My first screencast is designed to help students simply locate and familiarize themselves with Google Drive. It also shows them how to create a basic Google Doc.

In my second screencast I walk students through the process of formatting a Google Doc according to MLA rules. I chose to do this because the process is slightly different from what students would experience with a Microsoft Word document.

Finally, in my third screencast, I show students how to integrate Google Drive with Canvas to submit assignments.


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