Wing It 2

The following assignment was designed as a shorter brain-storming activity that will lead to a longer writing assignment for a freshman level writing class. The intention of this assignment is to achieve three goals:

  1. Teach students about using visual organizers to assist with the writing process.
  2. Provide students with the opportunity to compare two topics
  3. Help students to see connections between their topics.

A Venn diagram assignment is useful because it will help to generate discussion. It can also be used to provide information about a student’s thinking in regards to the larger assignment.


Prompt: For this assignment you will create a Venn diagram in which you will compare and contrast the two audiences you plan to use for your Audience Analysis Essay. A Venn diagram is useful because it will help you to organize your information visually so that you can see the relationship between your chosen audiences.


Audience Analysis Essay Overview

Prompt: For this assignment, you will select a controversial topic and then write two arguments about it. Each of the arguments should be tailored to a different audience. You will then describe the rhetorical choices in you made when tailoring your argument to the needs of your audience. There are three parts to this assignment:

  1. Topic: Your topic should be controversial and timely. In this context the term timely means that the topic should be something that is currently under debate.
  2. Audience: You will have the most success if the argument you select very different audiences. Your audiences might differ in age, culture, or beliefs.
  3. Rhetorical Analysis: In this section of the assignment, you will describe the rhetorical choices you have made when crafting each of the arguments.

Sources: You should incorporate four sources into this assignment, two for each of the arguments. The sources you use should be appropriate for the audiences. You should use a minimum of one quote per source to support your arguments. The sources should be properly cited in-text and on a Works Cited page.

Ex: The New York Times is nationally recognized and reputable. Huffington Post or websites like that, may be be nationally known, but are not considered reputable.

Length: 1000 words total

  • 400 words for argument A
  • 400 words for argument B
  • 200 words for the rhetorical analysis

Format: MLA

My Venn Diagram


I would give myself a “B” for this attempt. I think I could have been more thorough with this assignment. Part of the problem was the software. If I were to create this assignment for an actual class, I would have to find better options for students to use.

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  1. I like the ideas behind—and the details of—this assignment. Can you explain a bit more about the problems you encountered with the software?

    Venn diagrams are interesting because they are among the most minimal of the graphical representations of information (which means not-very-artistic folks like myself can make use of them). I use them so often that someone once joked I would have one on my tombstone. They become even more interesting, and challenging, when there are three (or more) spheres intersecting…I find that having learners address the multiple “gaps” that then appear is a great learning exercise. Might this be an exercise in which three areas could intersect?

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