Not-So-Final Project: Advice for Future Students

Creativity is Your Friend

If I were to give advice to future students, I would say, “embrace your creative side.” This class asks you to “think outside of the box” in several ways. ¬†First, the assignments are different from much of what you might otherwise encounter. Some description is given, but the format is not directly prescribed. If you are a go-with-the-flow kind of person, this is a great fit, but if you are a cross-your-Ts kind of person, this may be a little stressful at first.

So, my advice is to embrace your creativity. Allow yourself to think in ways you haven’t thought before, to approach ideas from different directions. One helpful way to achieve these goals is to see what others in the class are doing. Chances are, someone will have some new approach/idea/technology that will excite you, and may even change the way you have been thinking or the way you approach a problem.

Lastly, embracing your creativity will help you a great deal for the inevitable moment when you realize that you can’t really find a solid answer to the premise of the class. Currently, digital citizenship is far too slippery to clearly define, and if you embrace your creativity, you won’t feel so bound to pin it down. Instead, you will understand that like creativity, some definitions need to evolve and evolve until they fit, or at least start to take shape, only to change again. Embracing your creativity will keep you sane!

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