Grok and Korg II

For this assignment I have chosen to compare and contrast my post for “Get Productive” with those of two of my classmates. I chose this post in particular because I am a sucker for figuring out new ways to organize things, and I wanted to see what others had done.

My Post

For my post I chose to use a “new” kind of paper and pen organization strategy called a Bullet Journal. This method appeals to me because I spend so much time “connected” already, that it seems important to take time to disconnect. I also really like the face that I can carry the journal around with me, and that it is more than just a journal. It is a way to keep track of plans, to schedule, to doodle, and to relieve stress.

Colton Anderson

For Colton’s post, he chose to review the Evernote app as a way to help with his family’s move next month. This program allows you to take different notes and compile them together in a virtual notebook. According to Colton, he has used it to make checklists, packing lists, reminders, itineraries, and reservations.

Evernote looks like it could be very useful, especially if it can be accessed from a mobile device. I particularly like the fact that you can tag posts to make searching easier, and drag and drop PDFs into the program. I may use it the next time I need to organize a big event like a move.

Misty McNellis

Misty also chose to review the Bullet Journal. I am excited to see this, because since I began using mine, I have been scrounging the internet for templates and ideas. Like me, Misty is a compulsive list maker. I like the graph paper journal that Misty chose for her Bullet Journal.

From her post it looks like she is not as far along as I am with mine. I do like the idea of developing some kind of color-coding system as Misty plans to use. I also plan to add a “Notes” section to my own.


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