Essential Elements of Digital Literacy: II ch. 9

For this reflection I have created a list of questions I have after reading this text:

  1. What is digital literacy? [I have a better idea now, but not a clear understanding.]
  2. If learning moves widely from linear to some other, less formed model, what will happen to higher education?
  3. When will computer languages (codes) become common place?
  4. If we understand that learning a new language can change the way our brain functions, what will happen to this generation of kids who are being saturated in coding?
  5. Can a learner ever have a “whole” picture of what they are learning?
  6. If we focus ever more energy on learning to navigate the digital world, will we forget how to navigate the “analog” world?
  7. Are co-definitions really an answer?
  8. If not, do we actually need a definition?
  9. Memes are one example of digital communication/literacy. What else is there?
  10. Is the “essential elements” list flexible like the rest of the digital world? How should it be edited?

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