Collection II: Bling Your Blog

What I kept

For this assignment I tried a few different things. First, I changed the theme of my blog. Prior to this, it was quite basic and minimalist. It is still rather minimalist, but there now more colors and menus on the main page.

I stayed with a minimalist look because that suits my design inclinations. I feel very strongly that a website should be clean-looking and easy to navigate. I still have a main menu at the top. I prefer the alignment of this new theme because it handles the number of options better than my last one.

My current preference for that menu is that each class be represented, as each is a tag I use for my posts. That way an instructor can just click on their class and see all the posts I have done for them at once. I suppose I am approaching that section more from the perspective of an instructor and less from that of a designer. I am thinking about both ease of navigation and of grading.

What I changed

Besides changing the theme, I have also added a few things, including a couple of widgets and plugins. For the widgets, there is now a word cloud of the most used tags and a place for audio along the right sidebar. I’m not sure if I will keep the tag cloud or not, but I like it for now. I haven’t used the audio widget yet, but I can see how it would be useful in the future.

I also added two new plugins, one called TablePress and one called GiphyPress. The former was added because I can foresee needing to insert tables into my blog in the future, and I would like to do it more smoothly than I have been able to in the past with the basic tools. I installed GiphyPress after creating a .gif for one of the Make & Share assignments. I thought it was rather fun to do, and I can imagine trying more out in the future.

What I plan to play with

Going forward, I will likely play around with adding more pages. The current front page is a little too busy for my taste because all of the blogs show at once. I would prefer a shorter, more neat looking from page with links to other parts of the site.

I will also likely add an “About Me” section when I add new pages.

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